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How to prepare for a family photoshoot?

Tips for a fun and relaxed family photoshoot!

Hey! Here are some tips on how to make your family photoshoot an absolutely enjoyable and fun experience. As a Perth family photographer, I understand the desire to capture moments with your kids at every age as they grow up as well as the potential fear and concerns that come with having a photoshoot.  From overcoming nerves to capturing authentic moments, preparing the kids, and creating lasting memories, I’ll guide you through each step of the process. Together, I’ll help make sure your photoshoot is a fun and memorable experience that results in beautiful photographs that you will absolutely adore. Let’s get started!

Overcoming Nerves – Embrace the Fun!

It’s completely normal to feel nervous before a photoshoot, especially if it’s your first time. But don’t worry, I’m here to make the process fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. I’ll direct poses and games, the only thing you need to do is engage with the little ones! You can always email me with any questions you have, I don’t mind at all! It’s my job to reassure you and provide you with everything you need!

Capturing Authentic Moments – Focus on Connection

I know you hate uncomfortable poses and fake smiles (especially the kid’s scrunched up toothy ones!) My aim is to capture genuine, authentic moments that reflect your family’s personality. I encourage you to be yourselves, and let the kids be cheeky and have fun as well. Whether it’s a tickle fight, running races, or simply cuddling on a blanket, these authentic moments will create the most beautiful and cherished photos. Extra tip: Always be as close to each other as possible and try to make sure your always touching, hugging or kissing someone!

Be Prepared – Bring along everything you might want!

I always recommend bringing along some non-messy snacks (muesli bars and rice cakes) and a bottle of water. These refreshments can be a lifesaver, especially if you have little ones who might need a quick boost of energy. I’d also recommend bringing a pack of baby wipes and a spare change of clothes for the little ones! They have a knack of spilling things all over themselves at the start of the shoot.

Trust Me as Your Photographer – I’ve got this!

Occasionally at the end of a shoot parents are worried that we didn’t get any good ones, then they receive their gallery and love them all! It only takes a split second to capture a really gorgeous moment and there will be hundreds of those in even the most chaotic of sessions. I promise that you don’t need to have the ‘perfect’ kids to get the gorgeous photos you see everywhere! I’ve got all sorts of little tricks I use with the kids to keep them entertained and engaged!

Preparing Your Children – Making It a Fun Adventure 

If you have little ones, preparing them for a photoshoot can seem like a challenge. The key is to involve them in the process and make it an exciting adventure. Talk to them about the photoshoot, show them examples of fun family photographs, and encourage their participation. Let them bring their favorite toys or props to add a touch of their unique personality to the session. Remember, children’s spontaneity and playfulness often result in the most cherished moments captured on camera. Extra tip: If you want to bring an interactive toy like bubbles leave in until the end of the session or every photo will be a bubbly one!

To finish up

Preparing for a family photoshoot should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. With this guide, you now have all the tools and insights to make your upcoming photoshoot a remarkable and unforgettable adventure. Embrace the fun, let the kids be themselves and trust me to capture those priceless moments that will become cherished memories for generations to come. Get in touch with me today, and let’s get those photos you’ve been dreaming of.

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