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4 reasons to choose Winter for a family photoshoot in Perth.

Hey! As a Perth family photographer something suprising I’ve found out is that I love winter photoshoots!

I’ve had a lot of clients enquire for Winter sessions who have been worried about them not being as good as summer sessions.

I completely understand but It’s definitely not anything to worry about, Winter can sometimes even be better for your family.

Make the most of an early golden hour with winter family photography in Perth

This is probably the number one best thing about a family photoshoot during winter. During the winter months photoshoots can start as early at 4pm and still have that golden glow. This means you can get the little ones home for dinner and in bed for their normal routine, which can be so important for some of the kiddies! It also means we can avoid the witching hour when the tiny gremlins can make the sessions a challenging adventure! Photoshoots are so much simpler when the little ones aren’t out past their bedtime!

Winter family photoshoots are perfect for cosy photos.

The colder weather encourages close and cuddly photos. Even the big kids who don’t like to cuddle up so much anymore will be loving the cuddly photos to warm up. You can also wear nice comfy, snuggly jumpers. Oh, and can we talk about the absolute cuteness of babies in knit sets and beanies? I’m obsessed!

The best family photography locations are quieter in winter

A lot of the Perth photoshoot locations I use are very beautiful but also very popular. In the winter it’s much quieter with less families around. This is perfect for intimate sessions and gives everyone the chance to be themselves without feeling judged or rushed! This is especially amazing for beach sessions which are usually super busy during the summer. It’s also perfect for shy or easily distracted little ones!

Surprise! Winter is less windy than summer for family photos

In Perth our winters are actually less windy! This means your hair will stay in place and dresses can’t fly up (because you didn’t hire me for photos of your underwear!). There’s nothing more annoying than being worried about making constant adjustments during your photos! At the beach it means beautiful calm waters in the background as well. The cooler weather also means no one is worried about sweat marks or feeling exhausted with all the running around we’ll be doing at the Perth photoshoot!

Are you ready for a winter family photoshoot?

Hopefully this has given you some reassurance for booking in your family for a winter photoshoot. Winter isn’t perfect for everyone but it might be perfect for your family if you’re looking for cosy, loving shots! I’d absolutely love to get you booked in for your very own Perth family photoshoot.

P.S in winter you are scheduled in for a backup date as well just in case of rain!

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