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5 Reasons to Book a Mini Session

For some families mini sessions are absolutely perfect whilst others prefer a long session. As a Perth family photographer, here are 5 of my top reasons to book in for a mini session.

1. To celebrate a new milestone

Whether you’ve just gotten engaged, found out you’re pregnant, or your little one has started sitting up or walking, a quick photoshoot is a super fun way to announce it to the world! If you’ve recently had a baby or adopted a new furry friend into the family, minis are perfect for an updated family photo.

2. 15 Minutes is Perfect if You’re Camera Shy:

If the idea of being in front of the camera for an hour is stressful for you or your partner, I’d recommend trying out a mini session first. Minis are fast-paced, and I provide constant direction—perfect if you’re worried about how you look or where to put your hands. It’s also much less intimidating when you know you only have to get through 15 minutes. You’ll be surprised at how many people, particularly dads, walk away from minis saying, ‘Wow, that was actually fun!’

Photo of a happy toddler in Perth by Sophie Hart Photography

3. Mini Sessions are Ideal for Restless Toddlers:

Toddlers are adorable, but sitting still is never their favorite thing. These sessions are shorter than a couple of episodes of Bluey. Generally, most little ones are happiest and more energetic during the first 30 minutes of a photoshoot, making minis the perfect way to capture all of their smiles. Don’t worry if your toddler is a ball of energy—there’s always a lot of moving around and games happening.

4. You’re on a Budget:

I completely understand that full-length sessions aren’t affordable for everyone! Minis are at a highly reduced rate compared to my regular sessions, making them much more accessible. Five photos are usually the perfect amount to print and display around your home. There is always an option to purchase extra images if you’d like, but it’s never an obligation.

5. We’ve Done This Before:

If we’ve had sessions together in the past, you likely know all my different prompts and games. Even better, I and your kids are probably already besties. This means 15 minutes might be all we need to capture some amazing photos.

Two young brothers cuddling in Perry’s Paddock