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3 Reasons Not to Book a Mini Session for Your Next Perth Photoshoot

With minis being a popular choice offered by photographers it’s hard to know whether to opt for a mini or invest in a full-length photoshoot.  Both types of photoshoots absolutely have their own pros and cons, here are some reasons you might want to consider a full-length photoshoot.

1. Your favourite photos are the in-between candid moments:

Whilst mini sessions give us time for a variety of different combinations and poses there is less opportunity for candid moments that unfold naturally during a full-length session. Some of my clients’ favourite shots are near the end of the session when I prompt them to just interact and explore the location together. If you have your heart set on these unscripted moments and photos I’d recommend booking in for a full-length session rather than a mini.

2. You want to customize Your Photoshoot Location:

In a mini session, the location is predetermined without your input. If you have a specific vision, such as beach photos or capturing the beauty of a park your kids adore, I recommend opting for a full-length session. This allows you to choose from over eight beautiful locations in Perth, with the additional option to select a custom location that holds sentimental value for your family.

3. Your family prefers a Relaxed Pace:

Mini sessions are renowned for their fast-paced, energetic atmosphere, which is often appealing to dads and older kids. However, if you and your family prefer a more leisurely pace, allowing for breaks, spontaneous moments, and an overall relaxed atmosphere, then a full-length session might be the perfect fit. This ensures that everyone feels comfortable and at ease throughout the entire photoshoot experience.

While mini sessions offer their own unique charm, a full-length session opens the door to a more extensive and personalized photography experience. Whether you’re seeking candid captures, a specific location, or a leisurely pace, a full-length session provides the flexibility to tailor the photoshoot to your family’s preferences.

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