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Which Perth Family Photographer suits your family the best?

Choosing a Perth Family Photographer to match your vibe

As a family photographer in Perth who has been photographing families for over four years, I know lots about the photography scene in Perth and admire so many different photographers here.

There are so many incredible family photographers in Perth! Every photographer offers a completely different experience. Your family is unique and it’s important to find a Perth family photographer with a style and energy that you love.

I want to help you find the right photographer for you, so I’ve rounded up 5 completely unique Perth family photographers to help you find the perfect match!

Although I’ve added myself to this list, there may be a better fit for you. Each photographer is amazing in their own way, with unique editing styles and personalities! Read on to find which photographer might suit your family the best!

Sacred Seed Photography

Magical Fine Art Perth Family Photography

Sacred Seed’s Unique Style

Surabhi’s style can be described as vibrantly timeless, soulful, and nostalgic. She strives to capture moments that transcend trends, ensuring that your family portraits remain timeless treasures for generations to come.  She has an old worldly, elegant and nostalgic flair.

Surabhi’s Personality

In her personal life, she’s relaxed and easygoing. She loves historical homes, period dramas and biographies. But when it comes to business, she’s all about creating strong connections with her clients and being approachable and professional.

Price & Products

Sacred Seed Photography offers bespoke wall art and albums. Portrait sessions start at $250 and collections start at $1650.


Surabhi’s favourite locations for Perth family photoshoots are full of flowers and greenery. She loves creating magical family moments in nature.

Which families does Sacred Seed Photography suit?

The clients who are drawn to her business are families that love outdoor adventures and value creating timeless family heirlooms. They love having their family portraits displayed throughout their home. Above all, they resonate deeply with her unique photography style.

What others say about working with Surabhi

“Surabhi, your work is absolutely magical!! Thank you so much for capturing my daughter so beautifully. You have no idea what these portraits meant to us. My daughter loves her portrait hung in her room. Everyone who comes to our home comments on how stunning these portraits are. Thank you again.”

Visit Sacred Seed’s website here!

Photos by Hana

Dreamy & Authentic Perth Family Photographer

Photos by Hana’s Unique Style

Hana loves taking a moment and making it beautiful.  She’s a lover of dreamy, golden tones and photos laced by the glowing sunset. Her photography style is warm, relaxed and fun. She loves capturing moments of authentic connection.

Hana’s Personality

Hana is a fun, relaxed, go-with-the-flow person. When she’s not photographing she’s a teacher and mum of two so she totally gets it – the chaos, the long days, the exhaustion but the love beyond anything else. 

Price & Products

Photos by Hana offers a range of packages between $400 and $600. She offers all-inclusive digital packages.

Favourite Perth Family Photography Locations

She loves golden fields and the beach. Hana says ‘There is something special about Perth beaches from the grassy dunes or rocks, the glistening sand and the spectacular sunsets. It provides a beautiful backdrop for your photos and a fun experience for your family.’

Which Perth families does Hana suit?

Hana suits anyone who wants to press pause on their season of life and freeze these moments in time, especially mums! She loves putting mums in the picture and showing them how beautiful they are.

What others say about working with Hana

“Hana is so talented! She is warm and friendly and made us feel instantly at ease. She helped us pick the most beautiful location and the shots she captured were amazing. Highly recommend! – Emily Curtis.”

Visit Hana’s Instagram here!

Snaps by Novi

Colourful, Bubbly and Fun Perth Family Photography

Snaps by Novi’s Unique Style

Novi is someone who loves images to be seen as they are. True to colour imagery, with a touch of vibrancy and brightness. Her sessions are fun, comfortable, and amazing at reflecting who you are as a person.

Novi’s Personality

Novi is a laid-back, fun and colourful character. She loves to hype people up and help them feel confident at photoshoots! She’s not afraid of getting dirty for the perfect shot and often leaves sessions covered in dirt and water but with the perfect photos!

Price & Products

Novi’s packages are between $450 and $650. She offers her images as digital files both in colour and black and white. She also includes a USB gift box.

Favourite Perth Family Photography Locations

Novi loves photographing families at the beach as she finds it gives a great variety of images. She loves taking images lush with greenery and soft sand. Towards the end of the session she encourages her families to have fun in the water and embrace the wild nature of real family life. 

Which Perth families does Novi suit?

Novi suits Perth families full of light and fun! Novi says ‘I feel like I’m an all-rounder chick, it’s not so much what type of client suits me, but more so if we suit each other. Having a general chat in between enquiries is important to me, because getting to know you ensures me to hopefully have the best outcome for your session.’

What others say about working with Novi

Novi shows up 110%, works her magic and brings so much passion and creativity to the table. She makes photo-taking so fun and easy for us tired parents with a toddler and brings out the best smiles in us!

Clara Chan

Visit Novi’s website here!

Novi shows up 110%, works her magic and brings so much passion and creativity to the table. She makes photo-taking so fun and easy for us tired parents with a toddler and brings out the best smiles in us!” – Clara Chan

Love Olive. Photography

Timeless and Minimalistic Perth Family Photographer

Love Olive Photography’s Unique Style

Christeen’s photography is minimalistic & timeless. She specialises in authentic portraits with no distracting backgrounds so the focus is always YOU. She loves to truly capture your children’s quirks and everything that makes them unique, rather than just capture posed smiling photos.

Christeen’s Personality

She’s introverted until she gets behind the camera, then she’s your biggest hype girl! She says she has no shame when it comes to making kids laugh! She’s been photographing Perth families for over 9 years so she has all the tips and tricks.

Price & Products

Christeen’s Packages are between $399 and $799. She offers digital images as well as prints and wall art.

Favourite Perth Family Photography Locations

She loves working in her studio for that timeless look, but does love outdoor locations too. She likes an uncluttered feel, so open spaces like Bells Lookout are at the top of the list. Living in the Swan Valley she knows many beautiful spots.

Which Perth families does Love Olive Photography suit?

Love Olive Photography is perfect for anyone looking to capture authentic timeless portraits. Families who want to capture love & connection with a minimalistic background will absolutely love Christeen.

What others say about working with Christeen.

“Our experience with Christeen was amazing. From the moment we stepped into her studio, we were enveloped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that set the tone for a truly memorable photo session. The best thing was that we didn’t have to worry selecting outfits, accessories and cleaning the cake smash mess.” -Lina Marcela Caleron

Visit Love Olive. Photography Here!

Sophie Hart Photography

Perfect for you if you’re looking for a stress-free and fun photoshoot with natural photos

Sophie Hart Photography’s Unique Style

Hey! I’m Sophie, a young and energetic Perth family photographer. I love making sure my photoshoots are fun and stress-free for you and your kids so you can be in the moment with your family. My photos are golden, vibrant and full of life. I love to capture all the little moments of beauty amongst the chaos. My photoshoots are laid-back and are full of games, blanket cuddles and of course, snack breaks. It’s so important to me that the photoshoot isn’t just another thing to worry about. I take the pressure off you by guiding you through the whole process from choosing outfits and locations to preparing for the session.

Sophie’s Personality

I’m an outgoing and caring person and I absolutely adore kids. I love setting a fun atmosphere and meeting you all at your shoots! Kids are always quick to warm up to me during sessions and I love seeing their adorable smiles. When I’m not hiding behind the camera I love listening to Taylor Swift, jigsaw puzzles and being out in nature.

Price & Products

My packages are between $300 and $650 depending on how many images you choose to purchase! The best bit is that you don’t have to select the number of photos until you’ve seen your images. The packages range from 5 digital images to a full extensive gallery filled with special photos of you and your beautiful family.

Favourite Perth Family Photography Locations

There’s a running joke that I should just live in Perry’s Paddock! It’s definitely my favourite location for photoshoots. I find it has so many different backdrops within one location and it’s beautiful year-round. I also love shooting at the beach and embracing the chaos and fun that comes along with that.

Which Perth families does Sophie Hart Photography suit?

I’m the right family photographer for your family if you want a warm, friendly and energetic photographer who will deliver golden and bright photos authentically capturing your family exactly as you are. Even if this means letting the kids run a bit wild!

What others say about working with Sophie.

“Sophie is extremely talented in every aspect of what she does and she was wonderful with my 3-year-old son. As our newborn was just 9 days old at the time, having a new baby brother was still a huge adjustment for my son. Sophie went at his pace when he felt like joining in and made him feel really comfortable. I will definitely be recommending Sophie in the future- she made us all feel at ease, everything was very natural and we had a great experience all round. Thank you so much for our beautiful photos” -Kate Folkes

Visit my website here!

Who is the right Perth Family Photographer to match your family?

Choosing the right person for your Perth family photography is an important decision! Here are the perfect fits for each style!

  • Choose Sacred Seed Photography if you value timeless portraits with a touch of magic.
  • Choose Photos by Hana if you like authentic down-to-earth photos of beautiful family moments.
  • Choose Snaps by Novi if you want a hype-girl/photographer who will deliver bright and true-to-life imagery
  • Choose Love Olive Photography if you love minimalistic, distraction-free images and a friendly photographer for your kids.
  • Choose Sophie Hart Photography if you love natural, warm, and vibrant photos full of laughter and completely stress-free and beautiful moments with your family.

Regardless of which Perth family photographer you pick you are absolutely going to get beautiful photographs of your family. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about the lovely family photographers here in Perth, and about all their unique styles and personalities. Your family is unique and you deserve to find the perfect fit for you!

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